Gear Highlight: Simple Hand Grinder- KINGrinder

Gear Highlight: Simple Hand Grinder- KINGrinder

People often ask what type of hand grinder we use at events or in general, and that happened today. The truth is, we use a lot - between Adam and me, we have 5 or 6 different brand grinders, as we enjoy testing what works best.

Like all gear taken outside, what's best depends on what you're doing.

And often, if you try to take the "best" coffee gear outside it means packing extra weight that ultimately doesn't affect the taste much, or at all, or that doesn't really matter when you are outside somewhere beautiful because the sweetness added by a small adventure outweighs an overweight grinder.

All Around Good

If you're looking for a grinder that offers good value for money, this is it. You can get hand grinders for cheaper, around $20 or $30, but they will be annoying to use, create mediocre results, and won't enhance the coffee experience. Some may even cost more but won't feel as good. And if you get a hand grinder that doesn't add to the fun of the morning ritual, it's not worth packing whether you're on a sweet freshly-tuned Sour Pasta party, driving your silver down-to-earth Rav4, or carrying a daypack.

Anyway, you'll quickly find that if you have a bad hand grinder, it's better to use pre-ground coffee (and sometimes to save weight, this is also the way to go... but it's rare).

Overview (not really a review):

The KINGrinder P0 and K1 are both good grinders to start with outside.

KINGrinder P0 - Currently $35:

Tested by Adam
Lightweight plastic, which is nice for packing
Same form factor as K1, so it feels nice to use
Does a decent job of grinding coffee. (If you're a coffee nerd, it's not top of the line, but it's good and enjoyable to use)
Weight: XXX grams
Capacity: XX grams of coffee
Speed: XX seconds full
Best for when you want to save a little more money or weight.

KINGrinder P1 - Currently $50:

Tested by Ron and Adam
It's the same design as P0 but made of metal.
This is a go-to for taking outside.
Weight: XXX grams
Capacity: XX grams of coffee
Speed: XX seconds full
Best for when you want good cost-to-value and a heavier feel.

Final Thoughts:

While KINGrinder offers many more grinders, each a small increase in cost and quality, we found we like them most for their lower-end value to quality. And we use them for drip coffee, not espresso, so the specific grind size is much more forgiving.

Enjoy and hit us up with any questions on social media or email.

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