Columbia - Cauca El Tambo Washed

Columbia - Cauca El Tambo Washed

Why we picked this coffee:

This Columbian coffee is super smooth, and we chose it as the Yin to the Yang of Costa Rica—las lajas, yellow honey, which we brought back this month.

The Columbian coffee, with its classic morning coffee notes and extra smoothness, is a delightful contrast to the Costa Rica blend. It's like experiencing a different side of coffee, a journey of flavors. 

This pair will allow you to taste a spectrum of coffee.



Taste Profile

Cupping Score 85
Fragrance/Aroma orange, red grape, soft, citrus, sweet, key lime, graham cracker
Acidity Key lime, citric
Snickers candy (cocoa caramel), graham cracker
Sweetness Balanced sweetness
Body/Mouthfeel creamy smooth, roll off
Finish/Aftertaste mellow, pleasant

Coffee Region

Origin: Columbia
Region: Cauca El Tambo
Process Method: Washed
Altitude: 1930 - 1970 masl

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