Brazil - Cerrado Mineiro Fazenda Severino, Natural

Brazil - Cerrado Mineiro Fazenda Severino, Natural

Why we picked this coffee:

We got very excited about the idea of being able to share two different Natural processed coffees. Natural coffees often bring more of the fruit type of flavor of the coffee out. However, Brazilian coffee is generally not known for their fruit coffee.

We selected it as a contrast to the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe . So you can still have this more mild straight forward coffee but with the Natural process.

Taste Profile

Cupping Score 82
Fragrance/Aroma Caramel, cherry, coconut, cinnamon roll, star anise
Acidity Mild, lemon, citric, tame 
Peanut butter, lemon meringue, walnut, shortbread cookie, banana
Sweetness Caramel-like to milk chocolate, approachable
Body/Mouthfeel Light weight, 1% milk
Finish/Aftertaste Lingering, cocoa

Coffee Region

Origin: Brazil
Region: Minas Gerais
Farm: Fazenda Sertao
Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Process Method: Natural
Altitude: 1100-1400 masl

This coffee comes from a place with a really cool backstory. It all started with Jose Isidro Pereira, a dentist who turned into a coffee grower after his mom passed away, leaving him her farm, Fazenda Sertao. This big life change led him to quit dentistry and dive into coffee farming. In 1949, he met Nazareth, his one true love, and together they've built a life on this farm. Even now, Nazareth keeps the farm running, and their kids—Francisco, Luiz Paulo, Clycia, and Sandra—are all in the coffee business too, keeping the family tradition alive.

Fazenda Sertao itself is huge, about 850 hectares, with 330 of those dedicated to growing all kinds of coffee trees like Red and Yellow Bourbon, Yellow Catucai, and Yellow Catuai. Besides coffee, they also grow bananas and corn and even have dairy livestock.

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